With the return of natural fibres, retro style and artisanal know-how, caning is giving our interiors a makeover and has already been announced as a deco trend for 2018. Appearing in France in the 18th century, caning is the technique of braiding, mainly rattan fibre which is cut into thin strips. Its authenticity, robustness and timeless chic appeals to designers who today are revisiting wicker with style to incorporate it into contemporary pieces. Sofas, armchairs, headboards, screens, cabinet doors, bistro chairs, rocking chairs, coffee tables, suspensions, bar stools, etc., caning is decidedly trending. Need proof? Have a look at these pieces that have that designer look


Caning revisited with style

Caning on furniture in homesCaning pieces of furnitureCaning on suspension and chairs1.Red / 2.Kann Design / 3.Sarah Lavoine / 4.Colonel shop / 5.Hôtel Panache / 6.Thonet / 7.Hartô / 8.Milia Shop / 9.Perrouin / 10.Unum Design / 11.Serax via Cool Republic / 12.Airborne / 13.The Socialite Family


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