With pine green and curry yellow, terracotta is one of the flagship colours of this end of year. And with good reason too; this natural hue brings warmth to interiors. Oscillating between olden pink, ochre red and orange-brown, terracotta (Italian for cooked earth) evokes the Mediterranean, and fulfils our desire for authenticity. In its elegance, this warm colour brings an impression of luxury, a touch of dynamism, and a hint of fantasy. Wall colour in the office, chair in the living room, throw on the sofa, suspensions in the kitchen, and a pair of curtains in the bedroom..., terracotta finds its place in every room. Here are our tips for adopting the colour terracotta and bringing sunshine to your rental in the heart of winter!

Terracotta color on walls and different furniture1.Maisons du monde / 2.Urban Outfitters / 3.Gubi / 4.Lampenwelt via La Redoute / 5.Muuto / 6.Maisons du monde


How to use the colour terracotta?

A complete terracotta look can make a room feel stuffy, especially if the space is small. This is why it’s preferable to opt for using the colour on large pieces of furniture (like a sofa, a table, an armchair or a shelf), on textiles (throws, curtains, carpets, cushions ...) or on accessories (lamps, dishes, vases ...). When painting walls, limit yourself to a single wall, and use it to create an accent. It will bring depth and energy to the room. Although intense, terracotta works well with many interior styles: it modernizes a Haussmann-style apartment, infuses an ethnic atmosphere, energizes an industrial décor and creates a country spirit.

Terracotta color on furniture7.Broste Copenhagen / 8.AM.PM / 9.The Cool Republic / 10.Lampenwelt via La Redoute


Which colours work well with terracotta?

Terracotta is a warm hue that comes from the south. It combines easily with many colours to boost your interior decoration.

-It softens when paired with neutral, clear hues, such as white, beige and pinkish beige.

-It brings modernity when associated with shades of grey.

-It warms the mood when in the company of blues.

-It creates an exotic atmosphere when paired with green.

-It harmonizes with burgundy and salmon pinks.

-As a third colour, it reduces the harsh contrast of a black and white duo.

Terracotta color with other colors11.Made.com / 12-13.Lightly / 14.Fritz Hansen via Connox


The colour terracotta also blends with various materials, such as wood, concrete, brass and copper.

Terracotta color associated with different materials15.AM.PM / 16.Gubi


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