• A Stylish Bed Head

    Headboards have become a decorative asset in the bedroom. How to choose one? Its shape, size, the type of upholstery, and finishing touches. A how to...


  • Tartan, a Scottish Flair

    Timeless, tartan has always had success in winter décor. Find out how to adopt this Scottish plaid print in your home and how to best pair it with...


  • Living Coral, Colour of 2019

    Elected colour of the year 2019 by Pantone, Living Coral is a luminous shade that radiates Joie de vivre and will find its place in any interior. Here’s the proof…


  • A Luminous Decor!

    Bring a touch of elegance to your interior for the New Year thanks to LED garlands that sparkle under glass. Inspiration…


  • The Colours of 2019

    As in fashion, décor is an ever-changing element and new colours find their way inside. Discover the key colours for 2019 found at Maison & Objet in Paris...


  • A Loft-Style Window Mirror

    If you can’t install a skylight in your rental, why not create an industrial loft-style mirror? It will become a strong decorative element for your space. DIY tutorial...


  • Touches of Colour

    If you have kept the white walls in your rental, add touches of colour to boost the décor. Here are some tips for creating a shimmering atmosphere...


  • A Little Desert?

    Infuse your home with a sense of escape and freedom by bringing in a touch of the Wild West! Here are the key elements to creating a décor in the Californian desert spirit.


  • Home-Made Lanterns

    To beautifully decorate your rental’s outdoor space, one idea is to create lanterns out of simple condiment cans. Here are the DIY steps…


  • A Fruity Décor

    Give your interior an indulgent feel thanks to fruit prints! Blend in small touches of pineapple, watermelon, lemons, cherries and so on to perk up your décor.


  • Upside Down Frames

    Bring a touch of originality to your rental by decorating the ceiling with frames. Here are the steps to recreate this easy, low-budget and bold DIY!


  • A Dreamy Balcony

    Do not hesitate to arrange your balcony and transform it into a space of well-being which will invite your guests to day dream. Here are the key elements to decorate it...


  • L'Afrique, c'est chic

    Bring a touch of escape to your rental with an African décor. With its varied ethnic influences, discover 7 key elements to create a chic interior!


  • A Fenced Interior!

    A strong material and popular in the upcycle and DIY trends, chicken wire brings an undeniable charm to any interior style. How to use it in your décor?


  • 10 Decorative Objects to Hunt for

    Flea markets and garage sales are like Ali Baba caves; veritable decorative gold mines for your interior. Here are 10 trendy items to hunt for and buy!


  • The Confetti Effect of Terrazzo

    The material terrazzo is making its comeback in home decor! It brings an element of fantasy to interiors with its graphic patterns and colourful speckled prints.


  • A Sprig of Sage

    By adopting the colour sage green in your rental, you will create an interior that is both soothing and elegant. How to use this greyish green in your décor...


  • The Flight of the Toucan

    Give your rental an exotic summer décor by welcoming the toucan into your home! This tropical bird with its imposing beak and royal plumage will create a fun décor...


  • An Aerial Décor!

    Tillandsias have it all! These exotic plants grow easily without soil and cling to the most original media for a truly aerial décor. The proof with 15 astonishing ideas...


  • Curry Hue Spices up Your Decor

    Curry yellow is one of winter’s key colours when it comes to warming up your interiors. Which decorative styles does it work with and what colours does it compliment?