Think your studio doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a real bed? Put away the convertible sofas and futons, today’s choices offer practical solutions that will transform your rental’s main room into a cosy bedroom. Discreet during the day to avoid cluttering the space, these retractable beds will prove practical upon nightfall to ensure your guests get a comfortable night’s sleep. Here are five examples…


Wardrobe murphy bed

Wardrobe murphy bedLa Maison du convertible


Bunkbed-mezzanine bed

Mezzanine bed in a living roomEspace Loggia


Sliding bed

Julie Nabucet, sliding bed under platformJulie Nabucet, © Sylvie Durand


Ceiling murphy bed

Ceiling murphy bedEspace Loggia


Fold-out bed

Fold-out bed in consoleDiane Burgio Design


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