Blackout Curtains

Lined with darkening, thermal or phonic fabric, blackout curtains are true allies to creating a private cosy interior. Purchase guide…


The Perfect Towel Dryer

Even though design often prevail when choosing a towel dryer, other criteria must also be taken into account. Guide for buying a model suited to your rental space.


The Comfort of Mattress Pads

Soft, enveloping, hygienic..., the mattress pad will quickly become an essential element to the most comfortable bedding. What criteria should you choose for your rental?


Quality Bath Towels

Wondering how to choose soft and absorbent towels for your travellers? Dimension, material, weight (GSM grammage), fibre, and borders, here are the key criteria...


An Easy to Care-for Carpet

Wool, silk, sisal, bamboo, acrylic... your carpet’s fibre will determine its resistance and ease of maintenance. Guide to choosing a suitable rug for your rental.


Vive Fresh Air!

Bring comfort to your guests by providing a fan in your rental. Power, airflow, swing, volume, etc. A comprehensive purchasing guide...