If your rental has a wooden deck, highlight this exterior feature, especially in your advertisement photos to seduce potential travellers. However, to make sure your wooden terrace retains its splendour over the long-run, it is necessary to properly maintain it. Indeed, although wood is a very beautiful material, it does require particular treatment, with the exception of exotic wood or teak which require less care. With UV, weather and pollution, wooden boards or slats degrade and become greyish. Stains appear and moss can take over the surface, making the deck slippery in rainy weather. To rid your terrace of all these impurities, there are a few simple yet effective techniques using eco-friendly products. Abrasive products are not recommended because they can kill your surrounding plants and flowers. Here are the steps to clean and restore your deck’s natural glow


1.Clean the gap between the slats

Using a spatula, scrape the space between the wooden boards to remove any dirt that has crept in. Do not use a high-pressure hose for this, the same goes for cleaning the surface in general as high-pressure can destroy the wood’s natural protective layer.

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2.Use the right products

- Detergent powder for dishwashers, washing up liquid and black soap are suitable for cleaning wooden decks. They are effective at removing stains left by grease or vegetation. How to proceed? Dilute one of the three products in hot water, soak a bristle brush in the mixture and scrub deck making sure to follow the direction of the wood’s grain. Rinse off with ample water as these products tend to foam a lot. Remember to dry the deck with a towel or mop to avoid stagnant water which can cause wood rot in the long-run.

- Soda crystals (one cup per litre of water) and sodium percarbonate (one volume for ten volumes of water) can be used on the most dirt encrusted terraces. Just like the detergents, prepare a mixture with lukewarm water, scrub in the direction of the wood, rinse thoroughly and dry.

- Citric acid is very effective against moss. Dilute three tablespoons of citric acid in half a litre of water, brush across the entire space with a broom and rinse.

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3.Brighten and saturate

Over time, wood tends to lose its colour and become grey. To clean the wood and restore its warm appearance we suggest applying a brightener. This product must be followed by a saturator which will help bring out the wood’s original pigments. Saying that, the brightener and saturator will only soften the grey, indeed, we can’t always fight the effects of time!


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