After a day of traipsing through the gloomy fall weather, your Airbnb & co guests will appreciate coming back to the warmth of your home sweet home come nighttime. Add that touch of enveloping softness to your rental with natural materials, soft materials and simple decorative details. Here are 10 cozy decorating ideas that will add warmth to your interior this fall. Taking it easy on the wallet…


1. Add warm colors

Revitalize your interior with pigeon blue, saffron yellow, or even bordeaux marsala, hues that are very in this fall. You don’t need to buy a new couch to get that done! Add these colors with cushions, drapes and bedding.

Dark living room with colored curtains and cushions© Heytens


2. Stock up on soft materials

Dress your couches, chairs, and stools with soft materials. Mohair plaid throws, wool blankets, sheepskins and other animal furs will fill your space with a sense of comfort.

Red mohair plaid throw on a couch© Maisons du monde


3. Go for natural materials

In Scandinavian countries raw timber plays a huge role in heating houses. Adapted to your interior, use a log in the guise of a coffee or side table, bench, stool, or even as a wine holder or palette.

Blue sofa© Alinéa


4. Add a soft and fluffy rug

Essential element in delimiting spaces, the rug is also a must-have to create a cozy nest. In wool, flannel, faux-fur, fiber, it will go great in any interior.

blue couch with a white rug © AM.PM


5. Mix up the prints

Fill your space with prints by adding graphic, houndstooth, tartan or animal pattern motifs.

Living room in a greyish style© Au fil des couleurs


6. Have multiple sources of light

To make up for the season’s diminishing light, add more little sources of light. Table lamps, garlands, lampshades all contribute to an ambient sense of warmth.

Garlands in a glass vase © Ikea


7. Embrace copper

A trendy material, copper lights up interiors with its warm color and shine. Go for a lamp, candle jar, frame or vase.

Scandinavian living room with copper accessories© Maisons du Monde


8. Show off some still life

Minimal cost, maximum effect! The tree branches that you’ll pick up during a fall stroll are fabulous elements to integrate in your décor. Place them in the corner of a room or in a large vase, they’ll dress up and give some warmth to your interior.

Cosy living room with three branches decoration© Flamant


9. Scatter candles throughout your interior

An important decorative touch, candles are ideal for creating that subdued atmosphere. And when they’re sweet and deliciously scented, all the better!

Different types of candles on  coffee tables© H&M


10. Get some great mugs

A piping hot tea or hot chocolate served in a nice mug is sure to warm your guests to their very core.

Two cups of hot chocolate© Quali-art


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