Do you know why Denmark is the happiest country in the world? The Danes have the Hygge! What is it? Pronounced "hue gah", Hygge is above all a way of life, an art in itself! The Danes have found the key to happiness; they understand the importance of disconnecting after a day of work, refocusing on simple pleasures, sharing privileged moments with family or friends, caring for oneself and one’s family ... all at home. Because the interior is a refuge, a real haven of comfort and sweetness to face the long winters and the darkness of the nights that fall early in Nordic countries. This is why the Danes pay special attention to their interior décor and aim to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Clean lines, subtle and discreet details..., the chic and the minimalism of their homes have now crossed all borders to become a full-fledged trend in decoration: the hygge style. Evoking Scandinavian cocooning, the spirit of hygge breathes well-being, making it ever-so suitable for rentals. It provides tourist and business travellers with a serene and enveloping environment conducive to resting after a day of sightseeing or work. So, if the hygge remains above all an art of living, you can still integrate elements into your interior décor to create a hygge-like interior.

Cosy atmosphere near a fireplace Imanada


How to bring elements of Hygge into your rental?

Devoid of extravagance, the "hygge" style brings the flagship elements of Scandinavian interiors by incorporating subtle and discrete decorative accessories. We thus find a monochrome of white or pastel colours imprinted with great softness on the walls, as well as light coloured flooring to bring brightness to the room. A warm atmosphere is created with a knitted woollen blanket thrown over the sofa, cosy cushions, an animal skin and a large soft carpet. You can create an intimate atmosphere with candles, fairy lights as well as light dimmers. Opt for natural raw materials such as wooden furniture and linen bed sheets. There are beautiful books accessible to leaf through while cocooned on the sofa and ceramic cups ready to enjoy a tasty hot chocolate. Display those beautiful black and white photos and make the most of the vintage objects. Embellish everything with green plants and cut flowers. The space needs to be well cared for, with little clutter and built-in storage. Eliminate the superfluous. A Hygge like décor is unostentatious, it relies on simplicity. Are you still hesitating?!

Hygge style in the living roomHygge style in the dining room and the bedroom1.Hitta Hem / 2. & 3.Mad and Bolig / 4.Etsy


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