Just like apple crates, wine crates have always been a source of inspiration in interior décor. Robust and stamped with the names of French castles, these wooden boxes bring an authentic and elegant touch to any interior. They are stacked, customized, recycled... and integrate harmoniously with Scandinavian and industrial styles.

Wooden wine crates with the name of french castlesDeco Vintage

DIY project enthusiasts are delighted to give them a second life, for little to no cost. They recycle six-bottle containers into convenient storage, coffee tables, bedside tables, shelves, sofas, libraries, planters, poufs, consoles and so on.

So why wait?! Go ahead and join the trend! Trust us; wine crates will give your rental an undeniable style. You can keep the wood raw or paint it. You can also add wallpaper to the underside or even add feet. In short, let your imagination soar! If you lack inspiration, check out these 15 successful creations, all made using old wine crates...


15 ideas for upcycling wine crates

Furniture made of wine crates in homesWine crates for creating furniture in homesWine crates upcycled in interior decor1.Mamie boude / 2.Les Yeux en amande / 3.Etsy / 4.Etsy / 5.Amazon / 6.Mr Bricolage / 7.Aloha Home Solutions / 8.Smile and Wave DIY / 9.Etsy / 10.Ikea Hackers / 11.Etsy / 12.Inside Closet / 13.By Meg & Co / 14.The Trendy Girl / 15.Funky Sunday


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