Draw inspiration from the most beautiful spas to transform your bathroom into a haven of wellbeing. By using natural materials, minimalist accessories and subtle arrangements, you can create a zen atmosphere for your Airbnb & co travellers. Here are the key elements to include…

Bathroom with a spa atmosphere© William Lesch, Senhauser Architects

  • Soft Lighting

Aggressive lighting can ruin the relaxing nature of the spa. Try to avoid centered ceiling fixtures with their direct light and opt for much softer lighting fixtures by the sink and the bath and shower. LED lights are ideal for emitting warm light. You should also make use of candles, gathering them up in a key corner to add some subdued light. If your budget allows it, top it all off with chromotherapy. An LED showerhead with a light that changes colors based on the water temperature is sure to relax your guests.


  • Neutral Colors

Turquoise blue, bright yellow, lime green… are all vibrant colors that go really well in a bathroom, but they don’t go hand in hand with the spa vibe. Opt for light ceilings and walls and neutral colors like beige, taupe, off white or pearl grey, all colors that are easy on the eyes.


  • Noble Materials

Natural materials, like wood or stone, will breathe life into your bathroom’s spirit of spa. Furnish it with shelves made of exotic wood and accessorize with a teakwood stool, acacia slatted floors, oak towel hangers… A shower with pebbled flooring that extends to the walls is a must that is easy to recreate at your home by using pebble tiles that can be found at most hardware stores. For smaller budgets, a pebble bath rug will also do the trick.

Peebled flooring in the bathroomSources : 1.Stockett / 2.Leroy merlin / 3.Bricorama / 4.Castorama


  • Unobstructed Space

Hanging furniture makes a space look larger by clearing up the floor. Glass shower and bath walls also give the illusion of space because of their transparency. To make your space look even bigger, have the tiles continue from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.

Salle de bain carrelé sol et murs dans esprit spa© Stockett


  • Ordered Interior

Order is the very essence of a spa. Apply this rule to your space and hide toiletries in closed spaces. You can however leave bath salts and shower gels near the bath. As for towels, roll them or pile them up all folded identically. It goes without saying that the space has to be spotless. Remove any limestone residues and whiten the grout lines between wall tiles with a special marker if necessary.

Spoteless and ordered bathroom in a spa atmosphere© Ikea


  • Soft Towels

It feels amazing to wrap yourself in a soft towel after taking a bath or a shower. Choose towels with quality cotton, thick and soft. As for color, white is fit for a spa, but other shades can work if the towels all match. Little trick: Add a little fragrance with a hint of pillow mist or with a few drops of orange blossom water. If it fits within your budget, a robe and slippers are sure to please your guests.


  • Minimalist Accessories

A bamboo hamper, a rush basket, flax shades, a glace jar for cotton pads, a stone soap dispenser… are all useful objects for travellers and will effectively add to the zen atmosphere.


  • A Green Plant

Top off your spa décor with a beautiful plant. It’ll add a relaxing touch to the bathroom and will also purify the air. So don’t neglect it, but choose it with care because this humid and heat variable area requires a robust plant. Papyrus, kentia, anthurium and ferns will do well, and so will an orchid.


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