Denim inspires designers and invites itself inside the home. Indeed, after having invaded the wardrobes, jeans gain their place in interior decoration. Raw, washed, worn, clear or dark, this cotton fabric now dresses the furniture, textiles and accessories of the house. Its timelessness and its bluish hues give dynamism and freshness to both contemporary and classical interiors. Ultra-resistant and comfortable, denim can be applied in small touches to bring about fantasy, or in large quantities to create an atypical interior. It achieves its full potential in a clear or in a totally white room, and its worn look gives it extra charm. Then, in a recycling spirit, you can give a second life to your old pair of jeans in the closet by using them in your decoration. Canvas, rivets, leather labels, seams: every bit can be upcycled with style! Discover our 100% denim selection to provide you with inspiration and help your rental flirt with this year’s fashion trend.

Denim seating

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, poufs ... jeans bring a touch of modernity to any conventional decoration. Do not hesitate to experiment with the shades of blue.

Three sofas made with jeansChairs, poufs, seats made with jeans1.Anna de Leeuw via vtwonen / 2.Home & Cottage / 3.Studio Karin / 4.Nordingarden / 5.Mooviin / 6.Legend Blues / 7.Jeanbag / 8.Michele made me


Denim textiles

Denim is a durable and comfortable material that provides personality to house interiors in small touches: covers of cushions and chairs, bedspreads, carpets, curtains ... Use patchwork techniques, and try, for example, to assemble leather labels to make a cushion or a carpet.

Rugs, cushions, bedspraids... jean textiles in interiors
9.Overstock / 10.Ginger & May / 11.Kare-Design / 12.Etsy / 13.Gruvgatan 13


Denim accessories

Frames, mirrors, lamps ... bring your decoration to life with a touch of denim. But you could also make DIY practical storage boxes, even create wall paintings!

Frames, mirrors, lamps, boxes... accesories in jean at homePaintings and storage boxes in jeans at home14.365 designs / 15.Jean-Baptiste Pellerin / 16.Gilles de Chabaneix / 17.Marie Claire idées / 18.vtwonen / 19.Denimu / 20.Belrossa / 21.Etsy / 22.Betz White via Makezine


Denim furniture

The denim can be reused in plenty of different ways, to give a second skin to your furniture, for example on drawer cabinets.

Jeans on drawers cabinets23.Plaid / 24.Moissonnier


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