Truth is, televisions are not the most graceful objects in your interior décor. Although you may have one in your rental’s bedroom or living room, know that there are solutions for disguising a flat screen TV. Hide it behind a sliding wall, a table or a mirror, or in a cabinet... Here are 22 clever ideas for elegantly camouflaging a television in your interior.


Tone on tone

The first simple idea for concealing a TV is to play tones off each other. When placed in front of dark wallpaper or black painted walls, the screen blends into the decor.

TV hidden with wallpaper and blach paint1.Decor Pad / 2.Style at Home


A trompe l'oeil effect

Compose a gallery of frames around the TV; this will make the screen less invasive.

Tv hidden among a gallery of frames3.Lushome / 4.Varpunen


Sliding walls

An effective way to hide the entire TV is to install sliding panels, doors or shutters.

TV hidden behind sliding doors in living rooms5.Pipkorn & Kilpatrick / 6.Dwell / 7.Domino / 8.Home & Décor / 9.Lushome / 10.Homedit


Play with paintings

You can camouflage the TV behind a work of art, a mirror, a panel of photographs, a map, shutters ... and through this bring a personalized decorative touch to your home.

TV hiiden behind paintings, a panel of photogrpahsTV hidden behind a mirror, a map and shutters11.South shore decorating / 12.Lushome / 13.The Stroller Chronicles / 14.Accent / 15.AV Installs / 16.Martha Stewart / 17.Home Love Stories / 18.Ballard designs / 19.Meadow Lake Road


Behind closed doors

A wardrobe, a secretary, a trunk ... repurpose a piece of furniture to hide the television and do not hesitate to customize it so that it matches with your interior decoration.

TV hidden in a piece of furniture like a secretary or a trunk20.My Domaine / 21.Buzzfeed / 22.Better Homes and Gardens


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