You have an attic in your rental and you’re not sure how to optimize this space under the roof? One thing is sure: there’s always a need for more storage! To separate your personal belongings from the space reserved for guests, to store archives, to display books, to store big duvets... But with the roof structure and slope, the configuration of most attics does not facilitate the installation of storage spaces. Each area must therefore be thought about and carefully planned to make the best of fleeting square centimetres.


What are the available options?

-If the height under the slope reaches 1.20 meters, then you can create a closet, however, the depth must be at least 50 cm. Sliding doors are often favoured in this type of set-up, but you can also opt for pivoting doors. It is the space available in the room that will determine which type of door you use. Another option is using a curtain; a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution.

-If the height in the attic space is 90 cm with a standard roof slope of 45 °, it is quite possible to install cupboards. Access to them will still be comfortable. Similarly to the closet, doors on rails are recommended. Although most basic models are white and not particularly stylish, there’s nothing to stop you from customizing them with paint, stickers or wallpaper.

-If you have a lot of books in your rental, why not create a reading corner with a library. It can take up the wall’s entire height or extend horizontally to highlight the perspective.

-Optimize the loft with open storage thanks to modular, mobile or on-wheel box assemblies. Using a false square, you can measure the angle under the attic and thus cut the side walls of the boxes so as to fit them in perfectly.

-It’s true that walls are not usually all that straight up in the attic, but you can still install a shelf perfectly horizontally!

 -A piece of furniture in the shape of stairs is another option to easily create optimal storage space, especially since it joins with the slope of the ceiling

-The bench turns out to have double functionality in the attic; it offers a seat and can house storage baskets that easily slide underneath it.

Start the search for those lost square meters to create extra storage room, even if, admittedly custom-made is always easier. Everything will of course depend on your budget...


12 ideas for storage in the attic

Storage solutions in a bedroom under the roofStorage ideas under the roofStorage ideas for books under the roof1.Blondebreeze / 2.Sven Benjamins via vtwonen / 3.Leroy Merlin / 4.Ikea / 5.Rêve de combles / 6.Paul Allain / 7.Jean Marc Taieb / 8.Rêve de combles / 9.Ouest Combles / 10.Laurel & Wolf / 11.Marie Claire Maison / 12.Ikea


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