What are hairpin legs? You may never have heard this term, but you know their form. Also known as hairpins, hairpin legs are feet that are added to furniture. They were invented in 1941 by Henri P. Glass and today they are ultra-trendy in interior décor. For good reasons too! They make it possible to create, revamp and renovate furniture in just a few minutes and give any piece of furniture an elegant retro look. A style that suits every interior; modern, vintage, industrial, rustic, shabby or Scandinavian, and adapts to all parts of the house.

These hairpin legs are the delight of DIY enthusiasts because they are easy to install and allow for personalization of décor as they come in different sizes and most colours, some can even be custom painted. Hence you can stick them to an old board, a work surface, a seat, bar stool, pallet, or crate... You can find these hairpin legs in DIY shops, furniture stores or online.

So don’t hesitate to adopt them in your rental, black metal models contrast wonderfully with wood and will give your furniture an undeniable character, whether it’s a coffee table, bedside table, bar, sofa end, entertainment unit, library, chest of drawers, washbasin, desk, bench, console, etc. Need some inspiration? Here are 20 creations using hairpin legs to get you in the mood…


20 ideas using hairpin legs

Hairpin legs for tablesHairpin legs on furniture in the living roomHairpin legs to create and renovate furnitureHairpin legs on furniture in the bedroom1.I Spy DIY / 2.Etsy / 3 - 4.La Fabrique des pieds / 5.Going Home to Roost / 6.Etsy / 7.Houseologie/ 8.Tim and Mary Vidra via Ehow / 9.La Fabrique des pieds / 10.Homemade modern / 11.Forever choosing joy / 12.Krisel Keeper / 13.The Citizenry / 14.Urban Wood Goods / 15.Style me pretty / 16.Bidouilles Ikea / 17.Made in America / 18.The Merry Thought / 19.Two points for honesty / 20.Mayanrocks


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