Curtains are an element that can bring immediate refinement to any room. Not only do they infuse an interior with personality but they are also very practical, especially when they are blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are made of thick fabric with a double lining which allow them to completely block out the exterior elements. Their specialized fabric can be darkening, thermal as well as phonic making it possible to block light, drafts and noise. As such they are true allies to creating a comfortable living room, bedroom or entrance of a house. Purchase guide

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The 3 types of blackout curtains

For a curtain to be considered as a blackout, it is necessary that its fabric be heavy and thick with a mass of about 250 g / m². Apart from this there are three main models of blackout curtains:

-The classic blackout curtain. These allow you to control the brightness in the room; it can block 95% of the light in a room without shutters for those who like to sleep in the dark. This type of blackout curtain thus preserves privacy and the darker the colour, the more effective they’ll be. Note that these curtains are different from the opaque style which provides privacy but still allows light to filter through.

-The thermal blackout curtain. It is perfect for windows without double glazing or for aging windows that let drafts through, as its extremely tight weave acts as a thermal barrier against outside temperatures. It prevents the wind from entering the room, blocking the cold air between the window and its thick fabric, and it retains the same heat inside. This thermal curtain thus makes it possible to achieve substantial savings in your heating bills. To maximize its efficiency, be sure to choose thermal blackout curtains larger than the size of the window.

-The phonic blackout curtain. It protects the room from outside noise and generally helps to reduce noise by 7dB. It thus brings a certain auditory comfort for the rooms overlooking a busy street for example.

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Of course there are options that combine more than one of the elements, for example curtains that are both noise cancelling and thermal. On the market, you can also find other models of blackout curtains with specific characteristics such as one that reduces the magnetic field or the mosquito-blocking curtain infused with a natural repellent.


The blackout curtain, a décor asset

Whether it is lined with a darkening fabric, thermal or phonic, your blackout curtain will bring the final touch to your rental’s décor. Easy and quick to install, they will give as much character to your room as any another curtains, as they are available in a multitude of colours, materials and styles. You'll be spoiled for choice! Keep in mind, however, that patterned fabrics are usually reserved for spacious rooms; in a small, dark room, they might create a suffocating sensation. Also, if your room has low ceilings, opt for vertical stripes, and if the space is narrow, choose thin stripes.


Blackout curtains have real benefits, so don’t hesitate to use them to dress your windows. Add light curtains underneath to preserve your privacy during the day.

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