With terracotta and pine green, curry is one of winter’s flagship colours when it comes to bringing warmth to an interior. This curry yellow, darker than traditional yellow and more orange than mustard yellow, creates a cocooning and tonic atmosphere. It finds its place in every room, covering an entire wall or strewn on a sofa, a carpet, a chair, cushions, a pair of curtains, etc. It should however be avoided in the bathroom where, like green, it tends to create a less than flattering light in the mirror. The strength of this colour, evocative of the Indian spice is that it brings a sunny touch to all styles of decoration; it illuminates Scandinavian, ethnic, vintage, industrial and modern atmospheres. In addition, this inspiring yellow is easy to use because it easily blends with a wide range of colours. Discover how to make the most of this spicy hue...

Curry yellow paint on the wallvtwonen


Curry yellow goes well with all styles

Whether your interior is Scandinavian, industrial, ethnic, retro, vintage or modern minimalist, this curried colour will spice up your décor.

  • Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style with curry yellowAlexandra Magne


  • Industrial style

Industrial style with curry yellow furnitureMartina Rudnicka / Ligne Roset


  • Ethnic style

Ethnic style with curry yellow furniture and paintiingBroekman interieur / Haymes


  • Vintage style

Vintage stle with curry yellow paint and furnitureLittle Green / Hyggelig


  • Modern style

Modern style with curry yellow sofasAM.PM


Which colours work well with curry yellow?

The great advantage of curry yellow is that it works well with a wide range of colours. You can easily combine it with blue or pink hues, purple and burgundy. It brightens light grey and anthracite, and energizes green, as well as neutral tones like taupe and white.

Curry yellow married with blue and pink huesCurry yellow decor married with greys and taupe colorCurry yellow paire with green and white colors1.Harmony / 2.Inside Closet / 3.vtwonen / 4.Leroy Merlin / 5.Ikea / 6.Blanc Cerise / 7.Double G / 8.Alexander van Berge via vtwonen / 9.vtwonen / 10.Couleur locale


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