In a rental, owners often opt for modular furniture; contemporary, easy to maintain, and good value for money. In this domain there’s no doubt that the multi-national giant Ikea is in prime position to furnish interiors. The disadvantage of its availability is that we end up finding the same décor everywhere we go. Playing on the popularity of DIY, certain brands have launched into the Ikea Hack. Through ingenuity, they’ve created products that will give basic Swedish furniture a total makeover. Sofa covers, table legs, cupboard fronts, drawer handles... Their motto is customization with originality and style. Stop putting it off, set your rental apart with these 7 brands that will give your standard Ikea furniture that personal touch.



Founded in 2005, Bemz is a Swedish design company specializing in upholstery fabric. The brand manufactures covers for sofas, armchairs, chairs, footstools, beds and headboards. With more than 250 fabric choices! Plus: all covers are machine washable.

Bemz brand cutomizes Ikea furniture 


Born in 2012, Prettypegs is a Swedish brand that gives height to Ikea furniture! That’s right; the brand offers a wide range of legs in a Scandinavian, retro or contemporary style. You can customize table legs, armchairs, sofas, beds, chairs, consoles, desks, dressers, chests, etc. in a variety of colours and materials.

Prettypegs offers a wide range of legs for Ikea furniture 


Your kitchen will be unrecognizable with Reform. Founded in 2014 in Denmark, the brand has partnered with designers and architects to revolutionize Ikea kitchens. It customizes worktops, facades, handles and legs with elegance.

Reform customizes Ikea kitchen 


Bocklip offers high-end collections of doors, drawers and accessories (sinks, faucets and handles) that fit the Ikea Metod, Pax, Besta and Godmorgon models. With a timeless and trendy range of colours and finishes, you can bring style to the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom by simply clipping new facades to existing furniture.

Bocklip offers facades for Ikea furniture 


Launched in 2011, the Likeacolor brand offers a large catalogue of colourful stickers, matt or glossy, to give furniture, floors, credenzas and appliances a new look on a budget. Easy to install, the stickers correspond perfectly to Ikea product formats. A playful and decorative way to transform an interior in just minutes.

Likeacolor offers stickers to customize Ikea furniture 


The Swedish brand Superfront offers luxurious materials (leather, brass, copper, and marble...) to change up Ikea façades, worktops, legs and furniture handles. Your interior decoration will take a design turn with graphic, creative and aesthetic designs.

Superfront offers luxurious materials to customize Ikea furniture 


Launched in 2011, Semihandmade specializes in Ikea furniture facades. Their strong point is that they propose models of artisanal style full of originality, while maintaining a chic look. Their catalogue also includes legs and handles.

Semihandmade specializes in Ikea furniture facades


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