Ultra-Violet 18-3838 was elected colour of the year for 2018 by Pantone; not a surprising choice since last year the institute launched a new shade of purple called Love Symbol #2 in tribute to the artist Prince. But what about Dulux Valentine, what colour did they choose for 2018? After the blue grey of 2017, this year the paint brand has chosen Heart Wood as its go-to for interior design. Heart Wood is a soft and soothing pinkish brown and through combining it with certain complimentary colours it can create a convivial, relaxing, dynamic or cosy atmosphere.


Which colours should you pair Heart Wood with?

Heart Wood is used in small doses in interiors; on a wall, upholstery fabric, bed linen, or furniture, and finds its place in every room of the house. Timeless, this contemporary nuance is best when used to highlight other shades.


With pink

By combining Heart Wood with shades of powder pink, nude pink, gooseberry pink or with pink organza, you can create a soothing ambiance.

Heart wood and pink colors in the living roomDulux Valentine


With other browns

Don’t hesitate to pair Heart Wood with an icy brown, taupe or a smoky brown. This combination will bring softness to your interior décor.

Heart wood and brown colors in the kitchenDulux Valentine

With blues and greys

Paired with blue or grey tones, Heart Wood creates an elegant décor.

Heart wood and blue colors in the living roomDulux Valentine


With yellows and greens

By combining Heart Wood with vibrant greens or yellow, you will infuse your home with a breath of freshness and dynamism.

Heart wood and green colors in the bedroomDulux Valentine


With earth and wood tones

The combination of Heart Wood with earth tones and natural woods will reinforce the warmth of the room, creating a cocooning atmosphere.

Heart wood color and wooden materials in the kitchenDulux Valentine


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