The key safe is about to become your best ally for check-ins and check-outs at your place! You can’t always personally be there to hand your Airbnb & co guests the keys when they arrive and get them back when they leave. You could be out of town, on vacation, stuck at work, etc.

To avoid having to ask someone to do it for you or to hire a service to take care of it, there are secure lock boxes that are very easy to install beside your door. They’re fully weatherproof, will resist attacks and won’t break open using a lever. The only way someone can get inside and access the keys is if you give them the code.

You can easily change the code on the device itself. High-tech but easy to use, some safes can be programmed from a distance. You could then program a new code using a smartphone, tablet or computer. So clearly the key safe is a super practical tool and soon you’ll be asking yourselves how you managed without one.

Woman opening a key safe to get a key© Castorama

Two key safe Castorama Masterlock and Masunt KeyBox.


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