After the hygge style from Denmark, it is the Swedes’ turn to export their art of living through lagom. Meaning "just what is needed", lagom is more a philosophy of life than an ephemeral trend. This mode de vie advocates sobriety, moderation and the natural. It invites us to get rid of the superfluous, to consume less, to favour sustainable development, and to appreciate simple pleasures. In sum, it’s a nod to the "slow life" attitude and the quest for balance "neither too much nor too little", which is also expressed in the décor. In interiors, lagom unveils a "feel good" style, both refined and minimalist, where materials, colours and shapes blend harmoniously with each other. Discover the 6 keystones for adopting the spirit of lagom in your rental…


1. Get rid of the superfluous

Lagom is an invitation to live without excess. Unclutter your interiors and get rid of the superfluous. Keep only the essentials, only those things that have a positive impact on our quality of life. The goal is to sort through everything and keep only those objects that are useful or loved. Say goodbye to all those trinkets that are overloading your shelves. Keep as much as possible stored away so as not to disrupt the line of sight. Similarly to feng-shui, lagom requires a minimalist decoration and a fluid space to create a welcoming environment.

Lagom trend, get rid of the superflousQuinn architecture


2. Focus on quality

Lagom favours quality over quantity in order to fight waste. It's about consuming less but better. The followers of the lagom philosophy value locally produced products over industrial ones. As for decoration, this results in choosing noble, robust and durable materials, with furniture made preferably by local craftsmen. Solid wood is hence sought after and plastic is totally banned.

Lagom tren, focus on qualityLagom trend, focus on quality materials in the kitchenNordic Studio / The Farm Chicks / Victoria Campino


3. Opt for recycled

As part of a responsible and environmentally friendly consumption, lagom encourages recycling. Upcycling, customization, and DIY projects that revive furniture and objects are part of the lagom mode de vie.

Lagom trend, opt for recycledJelanie / Plaza Interior


4. Decorate with sobriety

Lagom decoration is close to the dictates of the Scandinavian style. In this spirit, the design is uncluttered and simple. Furniture is practical and aesthetic, no frills. An ode to the simplicity of forms and lines. Colours are neutral (white, beige) or pastels to bring softness and promote luminosity. As you can see, extravagance and excess have no place in a lagom interior.

Lagom trend, sobriety in the decorAna van Leeuwen via Trentotto / Claire Esparros via Design Milk


5. Invite nature in

Lagom followers are close to nature, so it is necessary to bring a touch of the outdoors inside to fine-tune the lagom style. A few green plants with broad leaves will suffice to evoke this setting.

Lagom trend, invite nature inCasa de Valentina / Tia Borgsmidt


6. Add cosy elements

In this sleek lagom interior, it is necessary to add cosy elements to create a warm space. Just like in the hygge style, we opt for linen or cotton sheers, cocooning cushions and throws, soft carpets, garlands and candles. Enhance the convivial feel by arranging sofas, chairs and poufs around one or more low coffee tables to promote communication and sharing.

Lagom trend, add cosy elementsHome Beautiful / Coco Lapine Design


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