Nothing’s better than coming home to your cozy, zen and elegant little world during those icy cold winter months. Your Airbnb & co guests are sure to agree with you after a long day of sightseeing! Without further ado, transform your interior into a cozy and authentic refuge that will offer your guests a warm welcome. Discover these 10 decorative elements that will help create that cocooning atmosphere

Cocooning atmosphere in a living room© Ugg Home, BHV


1. Omnipresent Wood

In Scandinavian countries where the cocooning spirit is a way of life, interiors evoke nature with rustic materials in harmonious combination with soft elements. Wood is the key ingredient here, and you should follow their example by showcasing this material to bring warmth to your seasonal rental: light wood flooring, a low coffee table, a light fixture or any decorative item.

Wooden tables in front of a grey sofa© AM.PM

2. Light Hues

The cocoon world is synonymous with serenity, so avoid walls and furniture in florescent and flashy colors. Go for neutral and timeless colors, like grey, taupe, beige and auburn and elevate them by adding decorative items or textiles in bold colors. For a softer décor, opt for pastel colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue by Pantone, for example, but also almond green or pastel mauve.

White couch with orange curtains in a cosy atmosphere© AM.PM

3. Thick Curtains

Dress your windows with double curtains to create an intimate interior that also protects you from the cold. You should favor woolly and suede-like materials, and velour, which will contribute greatly to an overall feeling of well being.

Large armchair, wooden lamp, brown curtains© Saint Maclou


4. A Soft Rug

Some decorative items are indispensable to give warmth to a place and a rug is one of those items. Thick, smooth, soft, long-haired or wool, a rug can be placed on the ground, overlaid if possible, or hung up on the wall like a tapestry.

Large white rug in front of a window with snow outside© AM.PM


5. Comfy Chairs

In the spirit of home comfort, cocooning calls for rest and tranquility. Invite your guests to sit back and relax by offering them a comfortable rocking chair, cozy stools and footstools to indulge in!

Cosy seats to create a cocooning atmosphereSources : 1.Famous Design / 2.Ikea / 3.La Redoute Intérieurs / 4.Maisons du monde / 5.Maisons du monde


6. Bouncy Cushions

Add some volume with a series of large wool, cotton or velour cushions to set on the sofa, the chairs and the bed. Keep it varied while sticking with the same color scheme.

Bed with many cushions© i fil home


7. Cozy Blankets

Just like cushions, blankets add to the feeling of being enveloped. Choose ones in wool, fleece or faux-fur and feel free to mix them up. You can also use a sheepskin on a sofa or a chair for a feeling of ultimate softness.

Wool blanket on a sofa© Maisons du Monde

A sheepskin on a sofa© delaMaison


8. Subdued Lighting

Add multiple sources of light for a feeling of tranquility in each room. Lampshades add to this intimate atmosphere, but you can also play with floor lamps, table lamps, or even garland lights to filter the lighting. To bring it back to nature, try to opt for lighting that incorporates wood elements.

Subdued lighting to create a cosy atmosphereSources : left, currystrumpet / right, Maisons du monde


9. Scented Candles

You can never have too many candles. On top of adding a warm ambiance to your home with their soft lighting, they'll add pleasant fragrances throughout the house. Be careful not to go for fragrances that are too strong and could potentially bother your travellers. Choose candles in the same color scheme but of different sizes and bring them together for a theatrical effect.

Three with candles© Latitude nature


10. Soft accessories

Designers are always trying to one up one another for decorative cocooning-themed items. You can now envelop your mugs, frames, mirrors, vases or even storage boxes in wool. Wood is also being used for its softness and is being used to create trendy design accessories.

Accessories to create a cosy atmosphereSources : 1.Cocktail scandinave / 2.Maisons du monde / 3.Becquet / 4.Habitat / 5.Cocktail scandinave


You’re now ready to decorate your interior with wintery decorations that will make your Airbnb & co guests feel so cozy that they won’t want to leave your house!


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