By simply using PVC tubes, you can easily solve the problem of having shoes scattered around your entryway, leaving a nice and tidy impression on your Airbnb and co guests from the moment they arrive. Making this unique, practical and inexpensive shoe rack yourself is an easy DIY project with 7 steps…


  1. Cut 4 PVC tubes 4 meters each into thirty 40 cm sections. This will give you 50 sections with a bite left over from each tube.
  2. Smoothen the edges with sand paper.
  3. Dust them off.
  4. Apply an undercoat of paint, white for light colours and black for dark colours.
  5. Apply two layers of the paint color of your choice.
  6. Using PVC glue, assemble the tubes one-by-one, going row-by-row.
  7. To hold it all together, fasten a bracket to the wall on the tubes on either end of the last row.


Ta-da! This unique solution is easy and fun to make, and cost-effective with tons of ways to get creative using different colors and designs!

Shoe rack with PVC tubes© Leroy Merlin


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