Easily Clean an Oven

Don’t leave your oven dirty or greasy when guests are coming through. There are natural and environmentally friendly ways to clean your oven, making it look like new.


The Softest Velvet

Velvet envelops sofas and armchairs in softness, but to keep its allure and texture it needs to be properly taken care of. Here are some tips for maintaining and restoring velvet...


Say Goodbye to Mites

Be done with textile mites that attack fabrics (cushions, curtains, pillows...) in your rental. Here are the tricks for getting rid of them using natural mite repellents…


Healthy Pipes

There is nothing more unpleasant than bad odours coming up from your homes piping. Here are tips on how to make sure your pipes always smell good!


Preparing the Bathroom

Guests expect a clean, but simultaneously warm and functional bathroom. Here is a guide to help you prepare it, and not forget anything, before they check-in.


Cleaning Stains off a Painted Wall

Spots on the walls, white or coloured, are inevitable when we host frequent guests. Here are our tips for cleaning painted walls, whether washable or not...