In the search for extra square meters in a house, we often forget about the staircase and the truth is it has a lot of potential. The empty space under the steps can be optimized and fully taken advantage of via clever arrangements. You can create a functional entrance with storage for coats and shoes, or install cupboards and drawers to free up space in the room’s cabinets. You can also add shelves to create a library or a display area for decorative objects and trinkets. The underside of the staircase can also become a new fully functional living space such as a kitchen, a sitting area, a bar, a work desk, a toilet, a laundry room, a cellar... Do not underestimate this space, turn it into practical storage for your rental. There is no shortage of ideas on how to exploit this space. The proof: these 24 clever arrangements for the space beneath your stairs.


A functional entrance

A functional entrance with storage under the stairs1.Alvhem / 2.Muotopuoli via Style Room / 3.Structures Building Inc / 4.Colin Poole via Ideal Home


Clever storage

Shelves and other storage under the stairsShelves and other storage under the steps of the staircaseCupboards under the staircase5.Ikea Hackers / 6.Yellows / 7.Ikea / 8.Acre creative / 9.Stylish Corner via Laurel & Wolf / 10.Nicole Franzen / 11.Specht Architects / 12.Tom Stringer Design Partners via Houzz / 13.Hinge / 14.Scrafano Architects


A kitchen space

Kitchen area under staircase15.Herron Horton Architects / 16.Wendy Goodman via New York mag


An office nook

 Office nook under staircase17.Ikea / 18.Leslie Goodwin Photography / 19.Hugh Jefferson Randolph


A whole extra room

Bar, toilet, laundry room, cellar... under staircase20.HC Interiores via Homify / 21.UK Bathrooms / 22.Klikk / 23.Down to earth architects / 24.Espacio Vital via Paperblog


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