The award for interior décors couple of the year goes to... the combination of wood and tile flooring! Indeed, the mix and match trend pervades interiors and floors now come in highly original multi-material patterns. Cement and terracotta tiles combine well with herringbone or overlay parquet flooring... These interlocking lines energize the décor, but they were designed above all due to their protective and hygienic factors. It is preferable to use tiles that are easily cleaned rather than wood flooring that may be weakened. Via mixed material tiles you can define spaces such as the kitchen and living room, create a trompe l'oeil carpet in the entrance, under a table, in front of the bathtub or sink, connect the floors after removing a partition wall, and of course play on boldness by drawing unstructured patterns on the ground. So, go ahead, harmoniously combine tiling and parquet floors in your rental and give it that extra touch of personality. Here are 12 beautiful mix and match achievements to inspire you.


Wood and tile flooring for zoning

Wood and tile flooring in the kitchenWood and tile flooring in the living room1.Gerflor / 2.El mueble / 3.Festen / 4.Articima


Trompe l'oeil (optical illusion) carpets

Trompe l oeil carpet with tiles in the entryway and kitchenTrompe l oeil crapet with tiles in the bathroom5.Alvhem / 6.Studio Riccardo Haiat / 7.Christophe Rouffio via Elle / 8.Studio DB


Floor connectors

Floor connectors with tiles between wood parquet9.Alvhem


Graphic design

Graphic design with mixed flooring in the bathroom and the living roomGraphic design decor with mixed flooring in the kitchen10.Patrycja Domanska / 11.Richard Powers / 12.Castorama


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