Airbnb, a World of Trips

At the LA Open, Brian Chesky unveiled the future of Airbnb, build on experiences and connecting humanity. But the platform is going much further with "Airbnb Trips"...


Heading to LA!

Airbnb will host its third Open in November. A seminar in the form of a three day festival with a multitude of guests on stage… including me!!


The Standoff Continues

In France, a few days before the parliamentary review of the amendment to the "license to rent", Airbnb reported on the legislation at a meetup in Paris with 150 hosts.


Towards More Sustainable Travel

The online reservation site reveals the findings of a survey carried out on sustainable tourism and the expectations of eco-travellers.


Support Airbnb Action!

Airbnb launches an online petition to protest the amendment of digital law that would mandate the registration of short-term rentals in France.


With a Passion

The online booking platform launched a tool that allows travellers to find accommodation according to their passions and interests.