An orderly house is more attractive to guests and will help them feel at ease. But if there is one room that’s just not that easy to keep tidy, it’s got to be the kitchen. Dishware accumulates and can quickly encumber cupboards and drawers. So, to avoid the clutter, there are storage solutions that can organize as well as save space. Thanks to separators, you can store plates vertically or even stack frying pans. You can also hang glasses and cups, and attach a sliding rail for pots and pans. Think of diverting everyday objects such as a railing, magazine racks or adhesive hooks that can be used to hold lids on the inside of a door. For easy DIY enthusiasts, perforated panels make it easy to organize dishes and hang the cookware. The idea is to optimize space and create convenient storage in both cupboards and drawers to in turn, make your rental that much cosier. To help, discover 15 effective tips...


15 organized cupboards

Well organized dishes in kitchen cupboardsPots and pans well organized in the kitchenOptimized kitchen cupboards and drawers1.Metaltex / 2.Castorama / 3.On range tout / 4.Martha Stewart / 5.Glideware / 6.Martha Stewart / 7.Simple Bites / 8.Mosaic Group via Houzz / 9.Instructables / 10.Lushome / 11.Amazon / 12.Amazon / 13.Better Homes and Garden / 14.HGTV / 15.Hearth Stone


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