If your rental has a balcony, set it up in a way that will highlight it. Let’s face it, in summer, this exterior is a real asset for guests who will be able to relax or even eat lunch there. Does yours seem too narrow and/or small? No worries, with an adapted layout combining furniture and vegetation, you can transform this cramped space into an additional living space that’ll be both practical and decorative! Discover our 6 tips on how to optimize a small balcony...


N ° 1: Keep things light

Furniture usually takes up a lot of space but on a small balcony every square metre counts. Metallic garden furniture, wire-framed or bistro style, are compact and allow light to pass which is why they’re so well adapted to small spaces. They create a light and airy atmosphere, especially if the chairs don’t have armrests.

Light furniture on small balconies1.By Vester / 2.Habitat


N ° 2: Suspend your plants

To free up floor space, avoid flower pots and planters. Instead, suspend them on the balcony’s railing or attach them to a vertical structure at different heights in the plant-wall spirit which has been trending. By doing this, you create a deco touch and the plants benefit from natural light.

Plants suspended on small balconies3.Merci-Ancsa dekor / 4.Mingo Design


N ° 3: Optimize the nooks and crannies

Make the most of all the corners and small recesses of your balcony to create storage shelves, they can display plants, decorative objects and house gardening utensils... You can also install comfortable seating, bench style, for a lounge atmosphere.

Optimizing the nooks on small balconies5.Ikea / 6.Zszywka


N ° 4: Opt for narrow furniture

Often, in cities, balconies are very thin; they go along the outer edge of the apartment building. Therefore, they don’t have much depth, which is why it’s wise to invest in narrow garden furniture that will facilitate movement. Take a rectangular table, add stools or a bench and accentuate the optical effect by laying a long carpet on the floor.

Narrow furniture on a small balcony7.Ikea / 8.Truffaut


N ° 5: Use the floor

In order to give more volume to a small balcony, one solution is to play with heights, so don’t hesitate to put cushions on the ground which will serve as seating around a small coffee table. You can stack them to save space and then simply hand them out according to the number of guests.

Cushions on the floor on a balcony9.Design art House / 10.View of Carla


N ° 6: Think about multifunctional furniture

A fold-up table with built-in shelves, a table with a planter, a bench with storage box for cushions..., the multifunctional furniture is both practical and space saving. The idea is to free up as much space as possible, so think about this when changing your furniture, as well as, stackable or folding chairs.

Multifunction furniture on small balconies11.Fermob / 12.Leroy Merlin


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