In 1950, French designer Jacques Adnet teamed up with the luxury brand Hermès to develop a leather-covered collection of furniture and accessories. The result was a range of mirrors with leather straps connected by brass hinges, and the famous Adnet wall mirror (also known as a captain’s mirror) was born. But it was in 2012 that this mirror returned to the front stage of the decor scene when it was relaunched by the Danish company Gubi. Nowadays, the round Adnet mirror can be found adorning vestibules, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, bringing a touch of elegance to any interior. And who wouldn’t want one hanging in their home? Saying that, we have to admit that with a price tag of around 800 euros this exceptional mirror isn’t accessible for all. So why not create your very own Adnet style captain’s mirror for your rental? Here is a small budget DIY project that’s easy to make thanks to the Grundtal mirror from Ikea and a few leather belts


Miroir mural AdnetOriginal wall mirror by Jacques Adnet, relaunched by Gubi - Ambiente direct


Ikea hack for making your very own captain's mirror

Go and get a 60cm diameter Grundtal mirror from Ikea. It is steel framed and you can either leave it in grey or paint it in black or brown to bring it closer to the original Adnet. The advantage of this mirror is that it presents a wide rim which makes it easier to glue the trim around. Saying that, you can choose a completely different mirror but bear in mind that you will still have to glue your frame around it. You need three leather belts, preferably the same colour. Note that these belts are used for aesthetic purposes and they will not be used to suspend the mirror, the latter will be hung on the wall by its ties at the back. Using a strong glue gun, glue the belts all around the mirror, connecting them together by their buckle. Proceed gradually by maintaining pressure to strengthen the adhesion. It is recommended to add double-sided adhesive tape to the belt tips to help keep them stuck to the mirror. Let dry for a full 24hrs.

All that’s left to do now is attach your creation to the wall. The Wow factor is guaranteed! Of course, you can use leather straps, rope, copper strips or any other decorative elements instead of the belts depending on your inspiration at the time.

DIY Captain's mirror in the Adnet style in a living roomIkea hack for the famous Adnet mirror - Sarah Widman


For the most experienced in DIY, visit the House and Home website and watch their video detailing the steps involved in creating a round wall mirror that is faithful to the Adnet model.


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