Does your rental’s kitchen feel outdated? As with the rest of the house, kitchen furniture décor is changing, and what was trendy twenty years ago, may not be fashionable today. But before changing all the cupboards and breaking the bank, first see if you can give your old cabinets a modernizing makeover. Indeed, if your kitchen has quality furnishings and they, despite their appearance, seem fully functional, you can revamp your kitchen without spending a fortune or doing any major work. Besides changing the splashback, you can also give your kitchen a whole new modernized look simply by changing the façade. Here are a few ideas for customizing your kitchen cabinets…


1. Repaint the panels

To give your kitchen a new look, the obvious option is the old paintbrush. Indeed, a paint job is all it takes to modernize your cabinet doors. In addition, there are special, kitchen-safe paints and resins that are moisture-resistant and prevent grease from soaking in. The most important thing here is to diligently follow the surface prep instructions. Certain varieties do not require sanding (unless the doors are waxed or varnished) or a primer (also known as sub-layer or hook), but all require you to thoroughly clean the surface to ensure the paint gets a better grip. Today, manufacturers offer many shades, but I’d recommend sticking to lighter colours as they’ll visually enlarge the space. Saying that, you can bring a lot of style to your kitchen by using a solid colour for the base units and a different but complementary one for the hanging units/cabinets.

Before and after kitchen makeover with paint©Atelier CBL


2. Replace the cabinet doors

If your cupboards and cabinets are standard sized, changing their doors is another possibility. This may be a bit more expensive than painting them; however, there is the added advantage of being quicker and easier to do. This also means that you can vary the colours and finishes, a style which is trending at the moment. As a way of brightening the kitchen and making it feel lighter, it may be worth replacing them with glass doors. Not only can this be a way of displaying nice dishware but it will also help your guests find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Kitchen with colored cabinet doors©Castorama


3. Get rid of the rustic style

To get rid of that outdated rustic style or hide old-fashioned mouldings, what you can do is cut sections of plywood and glue them directly onto the façade. The advantage is that you can paint them whatever colour/shade you want. Another option is cutting out the central panel of the cabinet doors and nailing a metal grid to them which creates a fun flea market style.


4. Remove the doors

We don’t often think about it but another option is simply removing the doors altogether. They can be replaced with curtains on low cabinets or left open on higher ones to reveal the shelves and dishware. If you opt for this, a fun way to give your kitchen an original touch is to pain the bottoms of the cabinets/shelves or cover them in wallpaper or adhesive vinyl.

Kicthen makeover by removing the doors of the cabinets©Ikea


5. Focus on stickers

Easy to place, stickers are an interesting option for quickly changing your kitchen’s look. They can be custom-ordered to fit any surface. In addition, they’re washable and designed with long-lasting adhesive.

Kitchen makeover with stickers©Like a color


6. Play with chalkboard paint

Another possibility for giving your surfaces a makeover: chalkboard paint (also called blackboard paint) which will give your kitchen a playful style. You can list what’s inside the cupboards on the doors or leave messages for your travellers.


7. Replace the kitchen handles

Sometimes a small detail is enough to change everything! Cabinet handles are the proof, they can give your kitchen a much more modern look in a snap. Large or steel models are trending, as are simple black knobs. You can also create your own original handles, from leather straps for example, or even by twisting cutlery to shape. In short, let your creativity run wild to add this final touch.

Kitchen HandlesThe Kitchen design company

DIY kitchen handlesLeft, Stilzitat / Right, signed by tina


Makeover before / after

The furniture was repainted to get rid of the rustic style, light colours were used to enlarge the room and make it brighter, closet doors were replaced with curtains, new cupboard handles, glass and perforated facades reveal the shelves ... Voila! This kitchen has found a second wind!

Before and after a whole kitchen makeoverKitchen makeover with curtains and handlesTidbits


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