Much more than a trend, ‘kinfolk’ is a lifestyle, an ode to the essential, which emerged in the US in 2011 with the creation of a magazine of the same name and is now experiencing a renewed interest. Inspired by the idea of "slow living", kinfolk turns towards nature and friendliness, it calls for simplicity and authenticity. And in your interiors, this means a genuine and bright design that borrows much from Scandinavian and Bohemian styles. The style also echoes the values of eco-responsibility, through vintage, recycling and DIY creations. So if this lifestyle appeals to you, you can infuse the kinfolk spirit in your rental.

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For a kinfolk décor, integrate...

- Neutral colours. As in the Scandinavian style, white is the king of kinfolk. It pairs perfectly with natural velvety colours such as beige, brown, and grey or pastels such as celadon green. Small bursts of bright colours are brought in via textiles.


- Raw materials. Wood, ceramic, rattan, linen, cotton, wool, fur ... are essential to creating a kinfolk atmosphere and are reminiscent of the Nordic spirit.


- Plants. An important feature of kinfolk is the will to return to nature. Ferns, wild flowers and succulents are unavoidable, but should be used minimally as highlights. You can also add feathers, bird nests, animal representations, shells...


- Artisanal crafts. Kinfolk borrows from the Bohemian style by incorporating ethnic cushions, Berber carpets, macramé, placemats, wall-hanging (a piece displayed on the wall using pegs or rope), etc.


- Vintage objects. You can personalize a kinfolk interior using upcycled furniture, art equipment, mottled dishware, weathered mirrors, a turned over or overflowing trunk... The idea is the search for authenticity by adding objects from the past and offering them a second life.


- Home-made. The kinfolk movement encourages creative projects like unique, hand-made decorative accessories. Recycling, DIY house work is oh-so popular.


- Minimalist furniture. The lines of kinfolk are similar to those used in the Scandinavian style; pure and simple. Same goes for the wall décor - black and white photographs work perfectly.


Finally, it’s important to note that unlike other décor styles, kinfolk is more of a state of mind, a return to our roots that echoes simplicity and harmonizes with any interior.


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