Between check-outs and check-ins, there is a routine of washing and ironing linen. This task, although unpleasant, can be made easier and more efficient through the tailor-made layout of your laundry room. If your home is fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for this purpose, take advantage of it, and make it fun and functional. If, on the other hand, the place is small, know that there are tricks and tips to create a laundry corner that will be simultaneously practical and discreet. Regardless, the idea is to take advantage of every square inch to optimize space and thus facilitate the organization between two rental periods. Here are some organization and decoration tips for a clever and functional laundry room


Tip #1: Layout

If you have enough length in the room, you can place the washer and the dryer side by side, in this case, choose models with a window, that is to say a front opening. By having them side by side you’ll be able to install a work surface on top which can be practical for folding linen for example. Another option is to raise the appliances in order to increase comfort when doing laundry. If you have more limited floor space, a space-saving solution is to stack both appliances. Buy a stacking kit or place the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine as it weighs less.

Wash machine and dryer side by side or stacked1.Gather and Flourish / 2.Birex Int2 / 3.Int2 Architecture


Tip #2: Discretion

Household appliances are not very decorative so it’s usually a good idea to conceal them as much as possible. There are several solutions available: a sliding or brick partition, a folding door with several ventures, also known as an accordion door, curtains, or built-in kitchen furniture. The laundry area, whether installed in the kitchen, the bathroom, under a staircase or in a cupboard (in this case buy a condensation dryer), disappears making it discreet and un-encumbering.

Wash machine and dryer hidden behind doors4.Int2 Architecture / / 6.Terracotta Design Build / 7.Recaptured Charm / 8.Robin Stubbert via GAP Interiors


Tip #3: Functionality

Use the entirety of the wall’s surface and install modular floor-to-ceiling storage with both rack-and-pinion shelves for height adjustment and closed cupboards. Here you can store linen, cleaning products, even an iron... You can attach a retractable clothes rack above the worktop, as well as a metal bar to hang clothes that have been ironed. You can also attach a support for a fold-out ironing board to the wall… And if you have the option, add a sink, it will prove very useful for any laundry that needs to be hand washed.

Well organized laundry roomsLaundry rooms well organized9.Ikea / 10.Laurey W. Glenn / 11.Just be splendid / 12.Natural Stone Veneers International


Tip #4: Decoration

Adorn the shelves with pretty rattan or fabric baskets, or beautiful metal boxes. Choose bright colors for the walls and furniture to bring light to the room and visually enlarge it. And do not hesitate to play around with wall stickers that evoke cleaning, they will bring a welcome touch of humour!

Rattan and fabric baskets in laundry roomsWell decorated laundry rooms13.chris love Julia / 14.Love Abbie M / 15.Dear Lillie / 16.Walls under construction


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