Do you have an old wooden stool that you want to renovate? Or a stool that’s just a little too plain and you want to customize it? Go ahead, give it a makeover and use it as a decorative element in your rental. Transform any stool in a matter of minutes, on a small budget by adding paint to its base and/or fabric on the seat. Here are the DIY steps for upholstering a stool yourself and giving your interior that extra something…


Materials Needed

Materials needed for upholstering bar stoolsSarah Hamilton via eHow


  • Plasticized fabric or canvas
  • Sand paper, ruler, pencil and masking tape
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Felt sheet and foam padding
  • Upholstery Stapler
  • Glue gun
  • Pair of scissors


Makeover steps…

1.Painting the legs

Painting bar stool legsSarah Hamilton via eHow

First, draw a line on each of the stool’s legs to delineate where the paint will be applied. Lightly sand the section that will be painted. Add a line of masking tape to keep the paint lines clean and sharp and add two coats of paint (colour of choice) while respecting the drying time between coats.


2.Upholster the seat

Upholstering bar stools with foamUpholstering bar stools with fabricSarah Hamilton via eHow

Flip the stool over onto the foam sheet and trace a circle around the seat to measure its size. Cut the foam to shape with scissors or a box cutter and use a glue gun to glue the foam onto the top of the stool. Next, cut the foam lining (felt) to size making sure to leave enough of a margin to cover the edges and fold under the stool. Staple the felt under the seat. Proceed the same way with the fabric that you’ve chosen for your seat cover: cut a larger piece so that you can fully wrap the stool’s seat, staple it, making sure the fabric is taught over the foam and cut the excess fabric off from under the stool.


That’s all folks; you now have a personalized stool that is bound to bring life to your rental’s interior décor.

Bar stools makeover with black paint and white and black fabricSarah Hamilton via eHow


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