Originally from Italy, terrazzo is back in style. This material also known as granito is made of fragments of natural stones and coloured marble, agglomerated in cement, then polished. It became popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s, and became trendy again in the 80s. Back then terrazzo was mostly used in flooring or as a credenza. And for good reason, this raw material is robust and requires little maintenance. It is both stain and moisture resistant, making it a must have in a kitchen and a bathroom.

Terrazzo material on the floor and as credenza1.norris & pip / 2.Sloft / 3.Dzek / 4.Maison Kitsuné / 5.Play Associates / 6.Dzek


But today, terrazzo is no longer floor bound! Its graphic patterns and its infinite colour combinations have inspired designers who have used it everything from furniture to decorative accessories. Wallpaper, cushions, tables, basins, lamps, crockery, stationery... this confetti print inspires fantasy and infuses lightness in any interior. Like its companion marble which is timeless and remains fashionable, terrazzo should be adopted into your rental in small touches so as to avoid the risk of a speckled overdose.


The terrazzo print

Terrazzo print in home decor7.Papermint / 8.Ferm Living / 9.Bentu / 10.La Redoute / 11.Sarah Lavoine x La Redoute Interieurs / 12.Urban Outfitters


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