Timeless and full of charm, the country-chic style is full of authenticity. Raw materials and rustic furnishings harmonize with light colours and warm textiles. In the bedroom, this balance releases a poetic softness cradled with nostalgia. So how can you, via the décor, bring the spirit of the countryside to your rental? Discover the 7 keys to subtly create a bedroom with a country-chic ambiance...


1. Revealing what’s already there

The first and most important step is to let the place speak for itself. Beams, exposed stones, solid parquet, cement tiles, floor tiles, woodwork... are assets from the past that should be kept exposed. Furthermore their wear or irregular appearance will only enhance the room’s charm. Starting from this raw canvas you can then add elements that will bring the touch of chic. If your rental doesn’t have this raw authenticity, don’t panic, it’s still possible to create the country-chic spirit through decoration alone. Start by choosing a floor with wide slats in either bleached or dark wood.

Beames and exposed stones in bedrooms1.A World of dream homes / 2.The Painted Cottage


2. Light colours

White, beige and grey combine perfectly with the country-chic style. You can paint the walls with these natural colours and play with textiles in the same shades.

White, beige and grey coloured walls in bedrooms3.Love grows wild / 4.Faded charm / 5.Zillow


3. Designs with parsimony

You can also bring cachet to the room by placing wallpaper with large flowers, liberty prints or monochromatic Jouy prints on a single wall. Elegance and a retro feel guaranteed! Wallpapering the whole room however is discouraged as it would be too much and give the room a kitsch look.

Wallpapers with flower prints in bedrooms6.Cepaynasi / 7.Eget Rom / 8.Fjasevas Huset


4. An up-cycled headboard

Old doors, shutter panels, old boards, screens ... are all elements that can be recovered and upcycled into a headboard. You can leave them as is, strip them, distress or repaint them; in any case, they will be raw jewels and will fine-tune the country-chic decor.

Upcycled headboards in bedrooms9.Dreamy whites / 10.Funky Junk Interiors / 11.Daphne Nicole - Lynda Cade


5. Carefully chosen bed linen

Bed linen contributes greatly to creating a countryside atmosphere. Favour natural materials such as cotton and linen. Then choose soft, light colours. For the motifs, opt for Vichy prints with large checkers (avoid small red tiles which are too reminiscent of the kitchen or pink tiles which are too feminine), thin and sober stripes and liberty prints should all be used in small doses.

Cournty-chic style bed linen12.An inspired nest / 13.prettypeachtree via Instagram / 14.Better Homes and Garden


6. Old-time furniture

To furnish the room, opt for craft-made or antique furniture from attics or flea markets. Here natural materials are highlighted and honoured. Install a patina dresser, wicker baskets, a rough wooden trunk at the foot of the bed, a wardrobe, a rattan lamp, a stool as a bedside table... To avoid darkening the room with dark wooden furniture that can be imposing, remember to repaint it, preferably in pastel shades like water green and blue grey. Another good idea is to add metal garden elements, like a bistro chair for example.

Old-time furniture in a country chic style bedroom15.Veranda


7. Harmonized accessories

A large clock, large mirrors, a series of frames, old paintings, coat hangers and other finds from car boot sales will find their place in a country-chic room, provided their colours harmonize to obtain a chic decoration. The same principle goes for cushions, plaids, curtains and carpets that warm up the room when kept in the same colour tones. Finally, play with the asymmetry of all these accessories and for the final touch, hang an elegant chandelier.


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