Once a symbol of power and wealth, the color gold is now dominating the minimalist décor and style scene, pairing beautifully with our modern interiors. Gold adds an element of elegance and subtlety when it’s added in small tasteful doses. Here are some tips on how to use this precious metal in your décor

Haussmann living room with golden decoration©Virginia Macdonald


In moderation

We like that gold brightens and enlivens our interiors, but we’re also not looking to turn our spaces into Versailles! Using too much gold in an area can quickly become overwhelming and tacky. When it comes to gold, the number one rule is less is more. Golden touches find their place in small objects, think cushions, lamps, vases, mirrors, tea lights, statues… far enough apart form one another. You could even paint window contours or paneling in a gold tone, go for a gold tap or door handle. The key is not to overdo it.

Two brown cushions with golden patterns© oriental-decor.fr

Bed with tow golden lamps© Maisons du Monde


Contrasting materials

Gold adds an element of sophistication to your décor when you mix it with rustic materials like wood or copper.

Table with chairs in a living room© Maisons du Monde


On Ends

To add a modern, unique and sophisticated touch to your interior, consider repainting the ends of chair, table, cabinet or dresser legs.

Chairs with painted ends in gold color© Homedit.com

Desk with painted ends in gold color© Homedit.com


On walls

Neutral wallpaper with subtle golden designs will add a sophisticated look to your interior. You’ll have to pay special attention to the accessories, choosing ones in beige or pastel tones to gently tie the space together. To dress up your walls with smaller touches of gold, you can opt for stencils or colored paper cut and pasted how and where you want them.

modern sofa in powder blue and wallpaper with golden patterns© Au fil des Couleurs

Bed with modern wallpaper with golden patterns© Au fil des couleurs

Golden round on the wall up to a desk© lovelyindeed.com


With colors

All colors go well with gold, depending on the desired effect. Mixed with white or light grey, a gold tone will add finesse. It can then be used in a Scandinavian style interior to play on that offbeat chic look. Coupled with black, it will create a masculine and sophisticated ambiance, and with red, a flamboyant one. Paired with brown, it will add a natural warmth to the space.

Golden mirror in the shape of a sun© Maisons du Monde


So feel free to add a royal touch to your interior, but as always, in moderation!


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