Garage sales, flea markets, bazars and clearance sales are real caves of wonders when it comes to decoration! When searching through them you can find treasures that will brighten your interior bringing a unique and authentic touch. So, take advantage of the season and walk the side streets to hunt down those great bargains and customize your rental. Here are 10 trendy objects to seek out and buy!


1. Mirrors

Small, big, rectangular, oval, retro... mirrors are always great finds in garage sales and flea markets. And if you come across a sun visor, made of rattan for example, or a barber's mirror (a hanging triptych), quickly barter for them as these vintage pieces are decorative must-haves.

Rattan mirrors and barber's mirror to hunt for in flea marketsLeft: Francesca Mantovani / Right: Alinea 


2. Wicker baskets

An old wicker basket will have a much more charming appeal than a new model, so don’t hesitate to buy them on the spot. They blend with any interior style and find their place in the bathroom for storing cosmetics, in the living room for keeping magazines, in the entrance to house umbrellas or in the bedroom to keep the linen organized.

Wicker baskets to buy in flea marketsLeft: Craftifair / Right: Simons


3. Planispheres

Formerly reserved for classrooms, world maps and globes have become true decorative elements. Planispheres are preferred in black and white or in sepia tones for their more authentic appearance. Hang them on one of your rental’s walls and maybe even go a step further by having some thumbtacks available for travellers to mark where they’re from!

Planispehres and botanical posters to buy in flea marketsLeft: Etsy / Right: Bolaget


4. Botanical posters

Like with planispheres, botanical illustrations are easy and uncomplicated ways to decorate your rental’s walls. They are all the more valued if the name of the plants is indicated in Latin. Of course, old herbaria are just as popular. Hang them in triptych style framed clusters or in groups of four.


5. Demi Johns

Formerly used to transport wine, oil and other liquids, glass bottles, also called demi johns, are now invited into the house. These containers are available in pastel green and blue that blend with any decorative style. You can display flowers in them, add fairly lights to the inside or even turn them into lamps.

Decor with demi johns from jessica hendersonJessica Helgerson Interior Design


6. Metal cans and boxes

The metal boxes of the 60s and 70s are little treasures, even if they have a rough, slightly damaged appearance. You can display them as a decorative element in the kitchen and use them to have tea bags, coffee capsules, cakes, spices, etc., at your guests' disposal.

Metal can and boxes and advertising signs to buy in flea marketsLeft: Mon petit nuage / Right: La plaque publicitaire


7. Advertising signs

Like metal boxes, vintage billboard signs are small treasures to be seized in garage sales and flea markets. Be wary of non-authentic models that have an artificial looking wear and tear.


8. Frames

The old gilded wooden frames are wonders in decoration. You can use them in different ways: in wall compositions, to frame a mirror, as a painting with a wallpaper background, with a metal grid inside to hang glasses, cards, earrings. The possibilities are many, so shop without guilt as no matter what they will find their place in your home.

Vintage frame to buy in flea marketsLeft: Brabbu / Centre: Tout est DIY / Right: Marty’s Musings


9. Vintage suitcases

Old leather cases bring a retro touch to any interior. You can divert and stack them for example as a bedside table or sofa end.

Vintage suitcases to hunt for in flea marketsLeft: We heart it / Centre: DIY Network / Right: The Selby


10. Old dishware

The old decanter, the family soup tureen, the porcelain plates ... these are elements frequently on offer in garage sales. Don’t look for complete sets which will be difficult to find and more expensive, instead find different models that appeal to you. They will create a mismatched set in the trend of mix and match style which adds an undeniable charm.

Old dishware to buy in flea marketsLeft: Martha Stewart Weddings / Right: Minna Mercke Schmidt


You now know the 10 objects to hone to embellish your rental, and soon you will discover 10 pieces of furniture found in flea markets and garage sales to enhance your home.


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