The term Juju hat may be unfamiliar to you, but not for long! These feather headdresses are invading today’s trendy interiors. They can be displayed on walls as a solo piece or in compositions, playing on colours and sizes. Moreover, they work well with most styles and bring that oh-so-trendy ethnic and bohemian touch to any interior.

But where do these juju hats come from? They originate in Cameroon, where they are worn by Bamiléké dancers during ritual ceremonies. They are made of natural or dyed feathers, and it is this voluminous texture that makes them so pretty in decoration. In your rental, these headdresses will dress up a wall with originality! You can hang them in any room: the bedroom, living room, office and even in the bathroom. So are you going to succumb to these ornamental hats?


Juju hats enhance the décor!

Feather headdresses in all rooms of the houseFeather headresses in different colors and sizes in homesFeather headdresses in the bedroom1.Kronbali / 2.Selency / 3.Creative Homebody / 4.Greige Design / 5.Jen Kay / 6.Emily Henson via Lobster and Swan / 7.Society Social / 8.My Scandinavian Home / 9.Couleur locale / 10.Selency / 11.Lauren Andersen via Home Polish / 12.Sarah Swanson Design / 13.A Beautiful Mess / 14.Owens + Davis via My Domaine


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