• Bring the Workbench Inside

    The carpenter's bench has become a must in interior décor. It brings character to any space with its raw appearance. Discover ways to incorporate it into your rental…


  • Oversized Floral Wallpaper

    More original than simple paint, floral wallpaper brings a certain cachet to your interior. These trendy oversized flowers work in any room to create a refined décor.


  • Outisde In

    As winter approaches, the time draws near to store away the garden furniture. But here’s an idea; invite it inside! Ideas on how to make it work with your décor…


  • Juju Hats Cover the Walls

    Originally from Cameroon, these feather headdresses, also known as Juju hats, are exposed in trendy interiors bringing an ethnic and bohemian touch to any interior décor.


  • Rattan, Not Just For Exteriors

    Far from its kitsch reputation, rattan furniture is making its grand comeback. This timeless garden furniture is making its way into our homes…


  • Space-Smart Office Nooks

    Make use of your rental’s small unused spaces to install a desk for your travellers. Draw inspiration from these 20 ingenious layout designs.


  • The Versatile Perforated Panel

    Inexpensive and versatile, perforated panels are finding their way into homes to sort, organize and store items. Super practical and decorative.


  • A Wall Mount Magazine Rack

    Both practical and trendy, the wall mount magazine rack will help you tidy up your interior before your guests arrive. Selection of industrial style model made of metal...