With variations in temperature and ambient humidity, the grout around your bathroom tiles may yellow, or even blacken and mould spots may appear. For travellers, cleanliness is paramount, so greet them with a clean bathroom by scrubbing and whitening the tile joints in your rental. With a few simple everyday products you can give your tiles their original sheen in just minutes. Here are a few white vinegar based old-fashioned tips that are time proven…


Step 1: Clean your tile joints

-Air out the room and put on a pair of gloves.

-Fill a container two-thirds with white vinegar and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

-Soak a toothbrush or the abrasive side of a sponge in the mixture and scrub the joints until the stains are gone.

-Leave the product on for about 15 minutes.

-Rinse with warm water.


Step 2: Whiten the grout

-Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide.

-Run the cotton ball along the tile joints.

-Let the product sit for about 5 minutes.

-Rinse everything off with clean water.


You should now have a fresh-feeling bathroom with sparkling white tile joints !


White tiles on the bathroom wall©Castorama


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