The American Wild West has the ability to make us dream with its deserts that have become synonymous with escape and freedom. So, while you’re waiting to cross the Atlantic to experience these arid lands for yourself, why not recreate this atmosphere in your interior? Kathrin and Brian from the website we are in our element have transformed homes in the California desert into true oases of authenticity. Here are the key elements taken straight from the source to quench your thirst for an exotic and relaxing décor in your rental!

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Focus on natural materials

An interior inspired by the Californian desert must breathe authenticity, which is why raw materials are so important. Of course wood is the main resource, especially aged or worn wood. A tree trunk can serve as a sofa end-piece, as material for making a chair or coffee table and even as a wall or ceiling decorative piece. Rattan and wicker are also welcome natural materials. As for textiles, opt for linen and wool in XL sizes that will bring a touch of cosiness. And to refine the natural ambiance, there are succulents, like cacti.


Combine the colours of the earth

White is unavoidable, it is used for 2/3 of the room. Then add an earth-tone colour palette terracotta, ochre, rust, and brown. To bring contrast, don’t hesitate to inject a few touches of indigo blue. These colours will blend and harmonize beautifully.


Consider using leather

The American Wild West undoubtedly evokes Westerns. Leather is found everywhere, from the horses’ saddles, to boots, to revolver holsters…the cowboys used hide just as much as the native Indians. To capture this atmosphere in décor we incorporate certain elements; an old leather pouf, cushion or carpet for example. You can also repurpose a leather strap for hanging a mirror, creating a towel holder, making cupboard handles, and so forth.


Add Amerindian prints

The desert is inseparable from the Navajo culture. Carpets, cushions, throws, bed linen, curtains are thus decorated with herringbone or rhombus Native American motifs. The prints are accumulated and stacked, but keep them in the same range of colours.


Highlight your artisanal pieces

Handmade artisanal object are a valued asset when going for a desert vibe. Proudly display your ceramic sculptures, terracotta vases, woven pot holders, macramé suspensions, braided or hand-dyed curtains ... Also feel free to decorate your rooms with accessories and pieces that evoke the Navajo culture, like feathers, arrows, buffalo horns, dream catchers and grigris, etc.


Desert Inspiration

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