You’ve probably never thought of using chicken wire indoors, but I bet you’ll fall for this eco-friendly raw material that can find its spot in every room! This fencing is easy to cut and manipulate, which plays a big part in its current success in the recycling trend. As far as decorative styles, it brings an undeniable charm to industrial, country, bohemian or shabby chic atmospheres.

How is it used? Chicken wire is often used as the front panel of kitchen cabinets, armoires, dressers and buffets to replace a door or a broken glass pane. So make sure you reserve these spots for displaying beautiful dishes, carefully folded bed linen, and any other objects you’d like to highlight. Simply cut the wire to the right dimensions and attach it to the frame with a staple gun. Those who are particularly adept at DIY projects have also created every day accessories such as a fruit basket, a lampshade, a framed display for hanging jewellery or photos, etc. The possibilities are all the more numerous since it is also possible to paint the wire in any colour so as to harmonize it with the existing decoration. So, will you succumb to the retro charm of chicken wire in your rental?


Chicken wire indoors…

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