Wake up your rental’s décor with just a few brush strokes! Painting is indeed an effective, fast and easy way to bring a touch of a character to a room. By applying colour in new and inventive ways, you can bring originality and fun to your home! So, dare to play the creativity card with paint so that your property stands out and leaves a lasting imprint in the minds of your guests.


20 inspirations

Original painting ideasOriginal ideas with paintOriginal ideas with paintingOriginal ideas with paint1.Amandine & Jules / 2.Day One Agency / 3.Louise Desrosiers / 4.Apartment Therapy / 5-11-12-15-17.Castorama / 6.Reteck minas / 7-14.Ikea / 8.Lou Bjluruf / 9.Christian Lacroix / 10-13-20.Leroy Merlin / 16.Remade with love / 18.Paper & stitch / 19.70 PP


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