By hosting Airbnb & co guests often, we quickly notice the same questions coming up again and again. So why not anticipate them and send your guests a house handbook a few days or weeks prior to their arrival? In addition to making their stay easier, it will reassure them and show them that you’re an organized host. Here are the 20 things that can be mentioned in your guide…

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  1. The wifi password and the steps to take to get the internet working again.
  2. How to use the water heater and where the reset button is located.
  3. Location of the electricity meter (the breaker should be indicated with a sticker label).
  4. Garbage organization: how to separate, collection schedule, and where to place the bins.
  5. Tap water quality, if they can drink it or if they have to purchase water bottles.
  6. Type of plugs and if the place has universal adapters.
  7. Location of replacement light bulbs.
  8. Heating system (electric, gas, central).
  9. Whether there are available umbrellas or not.
  10. Whether there is a sewing kit or not.
  11. Whether there is a first aid kit (band-aids, disinfectant, etc.) or not.
  12. Whether there is a hair dryer or not.
  13. Location of sheets, bath towels and dish towels.
  14. Location of an extra blanket.
  15. Whether there are any available guides, maps or tourist brochures.
  16. How to use the electronics and the location of remotes.
  17. Detailed list of kitchen equipment and appliances.
  18. How to use the coffee machine (pods, filter...).
  19. How to use the washing machine and oven.
  20. Location of the ironing board and iron.


In addition to a house handbook, guests really appreciate getting a neighborhood guide with grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and transportation access, how to access airports and main transportation hubs, your outing suggestions (sites, shopping, restaurants…), as well as a map of the neighborhood so that they can orient themselves. Obviously every house will have specific quirks, so don’t hesitate to personalize the manual. If you’re lacking inspiration, role play! Imagine that you’re a traveler who’s arriving at your place and needs to know everything that will help make the stay comfortable and easy. You’ll see your place from a totally new lens!


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