• The Perfect Towel Dryer

    Even though design often prevail when choosing a towel dryer, other criteria must also be taken into account. Guide for buying a model suited to your rental space.


  • A 'Spacious' Small Bathroom

    To make sure your rental’s small bathroom offers all that of a bigger one, turn it into a functional and relaxing space using these tips and tricks.


  • Vive Fresh Air!

    Bring comfort to your guests by providing a fan in your rental. Power, airflow, swing, volume, etc. A comprehensive purchasing guide...


  • Whitening Stained Pillows

    Don’t throw away your stained pillows. There is a simple and effective way of returning them to their original bright white. To the washing machine!


  • Space-Saving Beds

    You have a studio and think that there’s not enough space to install a real bed? Here are some retractable and comfortable solutions for your guests.


  • Fresh Smelling Laundry

    Fresh smelling household linens exude a sense of cleanliness. Here are some old-fashioned tips so that the laundry in your rental always smells good.


  • A Good Mattress

    What criteria should you take into account when buying a new mattress to ensure your guests get a restful sleep? Purchasing guide…


  • How to Tidy Up Efficiently

    Learn how to tidy up your place smartly and durably for your guests, so that they can feel at home in your home. Tips and tricks for an organized and functional interior…


  • Comfortable Bedding

    Choosing the right bedding is quintessential to providing comfort for your guests. Comfortable sleep depends on how the textile feels and its ability to absorb moisture.


  • Cocoon Your Interior

    Learn how to transform your interior into a cozy, authentic and elegant living space to offer your guests a warm welcome. 10 cocooning design ideas…


  • The Perfect Comforter

    Bedding is the essential element in providing your travellers with a comfortable sleep, but don’t ignore the comforter! What criteria should you be looking for when making your purchase?


  • A Soft Sheepskin

    Widely adopted by Scandinavian countries, sheepskins are a decorative element that bring a certain comfort and softness to interiors.


  • A Trendy Rocking Chair

    Long forgotten, the rocking chair is in again, revisited by designers. With its nostalgic sway, it’ll offer your guests a moment of rest. Selection of stylish models...


  • Tricks to Declutter Your Space

    A cluttered space is uncomfortable. So to make your guests feel at home and to give them plenty of space to store their personal items, sort your stuff and declutter.


  • 10 Fall Decorating Ideas

    Using natural materials, soft materials and simple decorative details, bring some warmth to your interior this fall season. Selection of 10 fall decorating ideas...


  • The Right Convertible Sofa

    If you’re planning on investing in a new convertible sofa for your guests, keep these things in mind to choose a comfortable model.