• Decorative Mason Jars

    Surf the recycled trend wave and divert old glass jars into decorative and practical items for your rental. Here are 15 original DIY ideas with mason jars...


  • A Little Bit of Blush?

    Summer 2017’s Colour trend, powder pink, also known as blush, illuminates interiors and brings character to the decoration. Here's how to use it in your rental...


  • Beautiful Braided Baskets

    Wicker or rattan, woven baskets are reinventing themselves in interior décor as economical and aesthetic storage solutions. And they give off that summertime vibe!


  • A Balcony Hidden From View

    To protect your rental’s balcony from the gaze of neighbours, arrange it with plant separations, screens, wood panels, blinds, canvases, curtains, etc. 


  • 7 Brands Personalize Ikea

    If your rental has Ikea furniture, personalize it with style and originality to give your interior décor that personal touch. Here are 7 brands that will help you do just that...


  • A Country-Chic Bedroom

    The subtle balance of raw materials and rustic furniture with clear hues and discreet prints creates a country chic style that will bring a lot of charm to your rental bedroom.


  • Sky Blue is The New White

    Sky blue blends with all indoor styles, provided you are in duet with the right colour to create the desired mood. Here's how to combine this bright blue...


  • Beauty in Supension

    Suspending green plants is very trendy in decoration. But when these plants float through the air in original pots, it brings even more style to your interior.


  • Transform a Room from XS to XL !

    No need to tear down partitions to visually enlarge a small room, layout and decoration tricks can change perspectives. Here are 10 basic rules to give a room new dimension.


  • Homes Wear Jeans

    The denim comes out of the closets and invites itself inside the home. Furniture, textiles and accessories in jeans bring dynamism and modernity to your place..


  • A Romantic-Bohemian Bedroom

    Combined with white, the Boho-chic style exudes romanticism. How to create a romantic bohemian decoration in your rentals bedroom...


  • Mission: Hidden TV

    We’ve got to recognize that the television is far from being a prized décor element in an interior. So here are 22 ideas to hide its invasive presence in your rental...


  • A Feng Shui Living Room

    How can you create an atmosphere of wellness in your rental’s living room? Follow the precepts of feng shui to circulate the positive energy of chi...


  • XXL Knitted Wool Décor

    This winter, the chunky knit, also known as the "giant stitch", warms the interiors with its soft wool. Plaids, cushions, poufs, carpets... they’re just impossible to resist!


  • An Adnet Inspired Mirror

    The Adnet captain’s mirror can make us dream, but as far as budget goes it can be rather disenchanting. So here is an Ikea hack to achieve a similar model...


  • A Little Bordeaux Anyone?

    So what if ‘bordeaux’, the outsider colour, was to beat grey blue and acid green as this year’s winter colour? Mysterious and refined, this deep red has strengths...


  • Hygge = Happiness

    More than just a trend, Hygge is a Danish way of life. In interiors, it is characterized by a cosy Scandinavian atmosphere. Here's how to adopt it in your rental...


  • Save Space in The Kitchen

    7 clever ideas for saving space in a small kitchen and making it functional. Optimize every nook and cranny to better welcome your travellers.


  • Green vs Blue Grey: The Duel

    Between the vibrant green: Greenery by Pantone and Dulux Valentine’s blue grey, what "colour of the year 2017" would you choose to decorate your rental?


  • Gorgeously Coloured Candles

    Warm your interior with atmospheric candles and decorate them with nail polish. Here are the steps for this quick and easy DIY to awaken your artistic soul!