• Beautiful Light Cord Lamps

    The nomadic light cord lamp is making its way into our homes in modern incarnations that have made it a décor must-have as a bedside lamp. Find out how to use it...


  • Snowflakes & Windows

    Transform adhesive felt pads into snowflakes on your windows. A unique and inexpensive DIY decoration that will create a cocooning atmosphere.


  • Dress Up Your Fridge

    How about customizing your fridge? Thanks to paint, stickers or magnetic sheets, you can personalize it easily, quickly and at very little cost.


  • A Belted Towel Hanger

    Using an old leather belt, you can make a decorative, functional and inexpensive towel hanger in just a few quick steps and moves for your rental bathroom.


  • Have a Message?

    Hang up your mantra, a quote or a proverb on a poster to offer your guests a warm welcome. Take a look at the “statement posters” trend…


  • Christmas Deco from Nature

    Dress up your interior with Christmas decorations made from pieces picked up in nature on a stroll through the forest. Unique, eco-friendly, inexpensive and stylish!


  • A Blackboard for Messages

    Chalkboard paint is the decorative touch that’s adding functionality and originality to our interiors. Use it to leave personalized messages for your travellers.


  • Smart Stickers

    To make your place even more functional, consider using label stickers that can give your guests useful information. Your rental will be more welcoming...


  • A Personalized Doormat

    When guests walk up to your doorstep, the first thing they see is your doormat. Also, why not have a little fun customizing it?


  • A Paper Towel Holder

    Declutter your kitchen counter and make a paper towel holder for the inside of a kitchen cupboard yourself. Practical, very easy to make and very budget-friendly!


  • A Soda Tab as a Hanger

    To make some space in your own wardrobe and for the comfort of your travellers, this tab will do wonders on hangers! Practical and inexpensive…


  • A Unique Shoe Rack

    Keep your entryway tidy by making a unique, practical and inexpensive shoe rack with PVC tubes. An easy DIY projet in 7 steps...