Have a Message?

Hang up your mantra, a quote or a proverb on a poster to offer your guests a warm welcome. Take a look at the “statement posters” trend…


2015 Airbnb Host Awards

Airbnb honors the best of the community of hosts by announcing the 2015 Host Awards winners. Who were the best hosts in 2015?


Christmas Deco from Nature

Dress up your interior with Christmas decorations made from pieces picked up in nature on a stroll through the forest. Unique, eco-friendly, inexpensive and stylish!


The Perfect Comforter

Bedding is the essential element in providing your travellers with a comfortable sleep, but don’t ignore the comforter! What criteria should you be looking for when making your purchase?


Airbnb Cancellation Penalties

Airbnb has established a policy aimed at dissuading hosts from cancelling confirmed bookings. What exactly does this policy entail?


How to Write a House Handbook

Before welcoming your guests, send them a house handbook that anticipates the questions they’ll be asking themselves. The travellers will appreciate your hospitality!