The Authenticity of Plywood

Plywood is no longer a material to be hidden away in interior design. On the contrary, expose it throughout the house to bring warmth and authenticity.


The Flight of the Toucan

Give your rental an exotic summer décor by welcoming the toucan into your home! This tropical bird with its imposing beak and royal plumage will create a fun décor...


Oversized Floral Wallpaper

More original than simple paint, floral wallpaper brings a certain cachet to your interior. These trendy oversized flowers work in any room to create a refined décor.


Into The Wild

Wallpaper is the perfect secret weapon for a lush jungle décor. When used in XXL printed formats you can create a real mural and swing your rental ‘Into the Wild’.


An Aerial Décor!

Tillandsias have it all! These exotic plants grow easily without soil and cling to the most original media for a truly aerial décor. The proof with 15 astonishing ideas...


Curry Hue Spices up Your Decor

Curry yellow is one of winter’s key colours when it comes to warming up your interiors. Which decorative styles does it work with and what colours does it compliment?