That Summer Feel... extended!

Extend the summer by bringing a holiday look to your home. Discover 25 decorative ideas to give your rental a summer feel all year round!


The Jungalow Style

Invented by designer Justina Blakeney, the term jungalow is a creative and joyful decorative style that seduces via its eco-friendly feel. Here are 5 elements to help you create it…


Minty Fresh

Also known as mint green, the colour Mint invades interiors and infuses them with a fresh, soft and breezy atmosphere. A pastel that blends with all decorative styles…


For the Love of Cactus!

Add a little spice to your rental’s décor thanks to the cactus. In live plant version or printed on accessories, cacti will bring an exotic touch to your interior.


A Coachella Ambiance

The California Coachella music festival continues this summer in our interior décor. It invites you to relax with its bohemian spirit and native influences.


Mixed Media Flooring

Keeping with the ever popular mix and match trend, floors are now intermingling cement and terracotta tiles with wooden flooring. A combination that energizes the décor...