Create Your Own Terrarium

Bring nature inside your home by creating your very own terrarium. Needing little upkeep, this tiny garden is ideal for decorating rental spaces.


Stick to Your Appliances

Customise your rental’s washer and dryer for under 10 dollars using adhesive vinyl. A fast and easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.


Bring Your Flower Pots to Life

To celebrate the return of spring, bring nature into your home and personalize your terracotta flowerpots yourself. Creative DIY ideas…


Painting Household Textiles

Customize household textiles using textile paint. Let your imagination run free on kitchen towels, curtains, sheets, napkins… The results will blow you away!


Snowflakes & Windows

Transform adhesive felt pads into snowflakes on your windows. A unique and inexpensive DIY decoration that will create a cocooning atmosphere.


A Belted Towel Hanger

Using an old leather belt, you can make a decorative, functional and inexpensive towel hanger in just a few quick steps and moves for your rental bathroom.